“Kate is a wonderful clear and motivational teacher. She not only explains how to do postures properly, but you get focused care to make sure you are getting the most out of the class. I couldn't recommend enough!!”

Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli the emphasis is on approaching the Asanas from within. When we 'tune in' with the inner-workings of our body, we can begin to move with a new awareness that prevents us imposing on the body, and cultivates a free-form of movement that brings a renewed sense of vitality. It uses the breath and gravity to find a strength and freedom in the body, which helps us move with ease into each Asana.


You will learn how to find a new interest and acceptance in your body, and use patience, curiosity and compassion to help break old habits and cultivate new ones. We are not trying to impose a rigid preconception about what we think an Asana (yoga position) should look like, but instead, through the use of gravity, the breath and expansion of the spine we find a way to achieve more space, strength and suppleness in our body, without the use of force. 'If you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way' (Vanda Scaravelli).

Being more present in our body, focusing inwards and paying attention to the body, we can begin to identify any tension, dullness and old habits that exist, and with some gentle encouragement we can gradually begin to disperse these, cultivating new habits that will help to make you stronger, both physically and mentally. This will help you to feel better in your body, calmer and more focused in your mind. It cannot be hurried and will only get richer and deeper with practice and time.


Kate offers a friendly, warm, down-to-earth environment; where students are encouraged to work in a sensitive, playful and inquisitive way. Everyone is welcome to Kate's sessions. Kate will help find different ways of approaching the Asanas to suit the individual, offers clear instruction and hands on support when required.


Whether you just want to feel more supple and healthier in your body, or if you struggle with stress, anxiety or low mood, Yoga can have an enormously positive impact on your life. It can help you to feel better in your body, calmer and more focused in the mind, and live a more relaxed, happy and healthy life.  Kate welcomes everyone to give it a try!