Frequently asked questions

Am I flexible enough to do yoga?

Q. Am I flexible enough to do yoga?

A. Anyone can do yoga. You don't have to be bendy! We need to remove any preconceptions that we must perform the asanas (yoga postures) in a particular way or look a certain way. It isn't a competition.

We can all benefit from a yoga practice. In my classes we work in an individual way. I encourage you to focus inwards, paying attention to how your body feels; where it feels tight, restricted, tense or dull; and how you might find more space and get more comfortable in your body. Read more about my teaching style.

"Kate is a wonderful clear and motivational teacher. She not only explains how to do postures properly, but you get focused care to make sure you are getting the most out of the more"

Why is your class

Q. I have tried yoga before but didn't enjoy it. Why is your class different?


A. Yoga is a very personal experience. I think we have all gone to a yoga class at some point that we didn't enjoy. It is important to find a style and teacher that you like. In my classes we work in a gentle, unhurried way and nobody is expected to push themselves into positions they do not feel comfortable in. I am there to offer guidance and support only. You are the one in control. 
My instructions are clear and I tend to avoid using the Sanskrit terms for the Asana postures. I also offer hands-on support where required.

If you are new to yoga and wish to build your confidence before attending a group session, you could consider a one-to-one session with me first.

“I really wanted to say how glad I am to have have found your class, I really enjoy your teaching methods and always leave feeling so much more

What should I wear?

Q. What should I wear?


A. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. You will warm up as we practice some of the Asanas, so I would recommend wearing layers. You will also want something warm to put on when it comes to our relaxation.

What should I bring?

Q. What should I bring?


A. If you have your own mat that you wish to use, you are welcome to bring that along. I also suggest bringing along a blanket, or something warm for relaxation.

Can I try your class first?

Q. Can I try your class before committing to a 6 week term?


A. Of course. You are very welcome to come along to any of my drop-in sessions to try a class and see if you like it. Please contact me to find a suitable class.

How does advanced booking

Q. How does advanced booking work?


A. To allow for individual attention and due to the size of the space, I aim to keep class sizes fairly small. This does mean that advanced booking is required for the majority of my classes.

A term consists of x6 sessions. 

Missed classes can be made up at another time in the week, space permitting.

Give me a call on:  07967 623 392

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