I find the Scaravelli inspired approach to be refreshing and interesting...a real change from so many of the other yoga classes I have been to in the past.

I always leave feeling revived and cheerful, even if I turn up tired.

Kate is an experienced yoga instructor with a passion and commitment to share the contribution Yoga can make to maintaining a healthy body and mind.


A childhood spent with a love for dance and movement naturally led her to begin to practise Yoga in her early twenties. It soon became clear to her that Yoga not only improves physical well-being, but is a useful tool in helping to find more clarity and focus at difficult times, and generally have a more relaxed and positive state of mind.

"I’ve always loved to move. Dancing made me feel good and I realised that moving regularly was important for both my physical and mental wellbeing. It felt good to move.


I found yoga in my twenties. What it gave me was a way of moving and feeling good for me. Not for anyone else. I didn’t have to look a certain way, compete with others, or be the best. I could just move, my way, and it felt really good.


Physically I have learnt to respect my body and respond to its needs, which can change daily. Giving your body what it needs feels great. ‘A happy body, a happy mind’. But what it has also taught me is acceptance; to let go of perfection and be happy in my own skin. Also to ‘tune in’ with my emotions and feelings, without judgement, allowing me to make better, more informed decisions, manage my emotions and respond to life situations in a better way; skills that not only help me on my mat but in my everyday life. Feeling happier in mind, I can start to let go of unhealthy habits and tension held in the body, and feel much happier in my body.


My yoga practice is my life toolkit"


Kate is an accredited yoga teacher with the Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners (AIYP). She completed her 240 hour teacher training with Bill Wood in July 2011 and since qualifying has been teaching a number of regular classes and workshops in the Central and South Bristol area. Other teachers she has practiced with and would like to thank are Caroline Reid, Bill Wood, Sophie Hoare, Diane Long and Christine Borg.

Kate continues to invest in her personal development (CPD).

Recent study includes:

A one year Anatomy Course for Yoga Teachers with Gary Carter. A 9 week course, starting April 2016.

Foundations in Teaching Mindfulness training with Yoga Campus. Accredited by Yoga Alliance International. A 9 week course Titled: Remembering Michael Stone: Foundations in Mindfulness (21.01.2020 - 24.03.2020). Class Tutor: Michael Stone.

Also attending teacher retreats with Bill Wood in Devon and with Diane Long in Italy.